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3 by Doris Shapiro

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3 by Doris Shapiro

These striking stories portray cycles of the human condition recognizable to us all.  Here we look at the ending of life in the ending of a life.   In another we see the brilliant self-deception we employ to avoid unwanted change.   The third celebrates the possibilities and satisfactions of friendship.   The stories, powerful on their own, together offer emotional pleasures that linger.

Doris Shapiro offers a satisfying mélange of subjects and develops them with a deft touch.   She captures a father's frustrating changing life role and the changing life view of the smoker.   This is wonderfully opposed to the unchanging love, loyalty and friendship of an amiable cat.   Evenly paced, her delivery is light and swift, well suited to the tension and humor that are so much a part of this work. —Geoffrey Gatza



Doris Shapiro is the author of We Dance All Night, (William Morrow & Co Inc.) a personal reminiscence and a vivid portrait of the astonishing era of musical theater during the nineteen-fifties and sixties.   Like these stories it had candor and style. Her work has also appeared in The Review of Contemporary Fiction. She's lived in Los Angeles and New York.

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3; Stories by Doris Shapiro Book Preview