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Che. by Peter Money

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Che. Peter Money BlazeVOX [books]


"epic"— Christian Peet (Tarpaulin Sky, Big American Trip)
"Intense and powerful in the way the language and images flow like a raging sea"
—Sinan Antoon (author of I¹jaam from City Lights)

“amazing, such surprising and penetrating lines throughout…I want to hear Che
read aloud...while floating in a sensory deprivation tank”—Haale (singer/translator)

"Something as important as this book will find a home and a time."
—David Oliveira (poet, co-founder of Solo)
"extraordinary…an ocean of beautiful and harrowing language that casts up its characters like great drift logs seen through heavy surf. The novella… speaks to and out of his refusal of artificial separations between the possibilities of art and the strictures of history … Peter reveals a commitment to the beauty and precision of language--lyrical flights end-stopped by a sentence like a punch to the gut: 'People died trying.' This is writing that requires readers to think and feel in equal measures…"—Jan Clausen (poet, author of Apples and Oranges)

"beautiful/powerful…playful and sad/tragic. The present and past happening at once."---Sharon White (AWP Book Award author)
"a daring work. . .Its language is dazzling [and] shakes this gripping fear of the poetic…its sentiments are genuine. Its revolutionary spirit is very real and very American"—Shakir Mustafa (editor of Contemporary Iraqi Fiction)

"filled with a crackling energy"—Philippe Tapon (novelist)
"brilliance…a lovely thing…sophistication and ironic humor"—City Lights
"Che. is language painted and profound in its charity…immense in its symbolic wave.  The novella begins with the noise of rain and ends with our undisguised tears. Clearly, Che. is only answerable with language-beyond, hooves across the landscapes and desert time.  A provident novella it is finally a symbol for the gaze of resilience. The precision of dreaming and the psyche¹s print indulgent in reverie and magic."—Colin Momeyer (from a review of Che.)

"There is morality in there, and there is amusement--what more might a reader want? The writing is meticulous. And scrupulous…every word's a celebration. Che commences long, slow, luxuriantly, and it ends on a dime…in a minor key… a key of mystery and sorrow…Sandy, Miles, Fenton, Mali, et al? I'd meet 'em again with pleasure. Salut!"—Guy Birchard (poet)

"prolific coming in from all directions"—Allen Ginsberg (on Peter Money)


Peter Money's books and pamphlets include To day — Minutes only, Finding It, Between Ourselves, Instruments, A Big Yellow, Minor Roads, and These Are My Shoes. He lives in Vermont, has taught at Lebanon College and The Center for Cartoon Studies, and has been the director of Harbor Mountain Press.

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· Paperback: 210 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 9781935402862

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