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Thirty Miles To Rosebud by Barbara Henning

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Thirty Miles To Rosebud Barbara Henning BlazeVOX [books]

Thirty Miles To Rosebud depicts a series of imploding families and fast interstates. Barbara Henning's landscapes-- a rust-belt childhood, a nearly forgotten East Village Bohemia and the arid Southwest streaked with the setting sun—are populated by runaways, lost loves and lifelong betrayals. In this remarkable novel, Henning's eye for detail and her emotional honesty enables the past to loom in the rear-view mirror long after the car has sped by.

—Donald Breckenridge

This On the Road story zig zags the America grain, a rebellious woman’s experience, and the consequences of the Vietnam era.  Barbara Henning’s clean, stark realism rejoices and laments the left and the lost, what can and can’t be found in time and mind.

—Gloria Frym

This remarkable, gracefully muscular, novel pays homage to being, writing, attending, loving. Henning’s low key, precise, observances are downright addictive in their power to hold, carry and reward.

—Lynn Crawford

One of Barbara Henning’s great accomplishments is the voice we came to appreciate in You, Me, and the Insects. It presents her world with a candor both companionable and profound, both disengaged and intimate.  She has no agenda but to tell her own story, which is the story physical, emotional, and spiritual, of her generation.  Wisdom enters her telling as easily as a deer crosses a road.  And many deer do, because this is a book in line with Celine’s crazed Castle To Castle, Douglas Woolf’s Wall to Wall, Kerouac’s romantic On The Road, Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Thirty Miles to Rosebud stands with all of them as one of the great memoir road novels of our time.

—Steve Katz



BARBARA HENNING is the author of two novels, You, Me and the Insects and Black Lace.  Her books of poetry include My Autobiography, Detective Sentences, Love Makes Thinking Dark, Smoking in the Twilight Bar,  as well as numerous chapbooks and a series of photo-poem pamphlets. A collection of prose and poetry, Cities & Memory, is forthcoming from Chax Press. A native Detroiter and a long time resident of New York City, she now lives in Tucson, Arizona. 

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· Paperback: 234 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 9781935402251

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Thirty Miles to Rosebud by Barbara Henning Book Preview