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Prick of the Spindle reviews of The Moon & Other Inventions

 The Moon & Other Inventions: Poems After Joseph Cornell
By Kristina Marie Darling
Review by Helen Vitoria


BlazeVOX [books], Aug. 31, 2012
ISBN: 978-1609641047
Perfect bound, 66 pp., $12

Divided into seven chapters of poems as footnotes and filled with lavish imagery, the reader is transported through time and place. Darling’s words resonate throughout, as she sets the tone within every chapter of poems.

The speaker in these poems identifies and begs us to follow her through this journey as she seeks answers to what are perhaps universal questions.

Darling writes, in "The History of Inventions":

One of the lesser known experiments, in which scientists were fascinated with the involuntary movements of the female heart

It is in brilliant and beautifully written lines such as these, that Darling draws the reader to these poems and makes them a more personal, rather than universal, experience Darling’s imagery, per usual, is another stunning aspect to these poems, In "Astronomy"she writes: "On the ground, a shattered lens. A heavy fog drifting through all of the windows." And in"Cartography": "…… A white thread caught on the branches of a tree."


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