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PeTRARCHAN by Kristina Marie Darling reviewed on Coldfront Magazine



Published on Thursday, June 13th, 2013

by Kristina Marie Darling
Blazevox Books 2013
Reviewed by Jeremy Brett

“’rooms opening inside a single room.’”

Anne Carson’s If Not, Winter is a translation/interpretation of Sappho – whose poetry is almost entirely, maddeningly incomplete – that uses gaps, ellipses and white space to emphasize which fragments of Sappho we do and don’t have and thus creates a literature of implication. Carson’s brilliance lies in her ability to identify what’s behind the existing language and to use her inner vision and imaginative power to create a new text from what’s missing. Kristina Marie Darling, who cites Carson in her “Notes on the Text” in her new work Petrarchan, writes very much in the same tradition.

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