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Split Lip interviews Kristina Marie Darling on her new book Brushes with

 J. Scott Bugher

Kristina Marie Darling on Her New Book: Brushes with

It was a joy reading Kristina Marie Darling's new book Brushes with and it is a privilege to have the chance to discuss the book with this brilliant avant-garde writer. She is a master of innovative form. There is a famous quote from poet Robert Creeley: "Form is an extension of content," and Kristina Marie Darling indeed a master of using such things as footnotes, terms found in dictionaries, glossaries, erasure, etc blended with prose poetry. In sum, fragmentation. Through the course of reading Brushes with--which you should because it's available HERE--you'll find all sorts of unique gems that masterfully tell this story. 

I would first like to thank you for dehydrating my highlighting marker in its entirety. There is much to take in when reading your new bookBrushes with. I want to dive into the book here soon, but could you tell me if this has this always been your gig: experimental writing? Was there ever a time you wrote more conventional prose or poetry? Where did it all start and what brought you to the writer you are now?


When I first started writing, I was very traditional.  Much of what I wrote was autobiographical.  Failed relationships, Missouri, and the suburbs were almost always my chosen subjects.  Reading other poets was what helped me incorporate more variety in my writing.  I read everything I could get my hands on, which ranged from Gary Snyder to Joshua Clover and even The Maximus Poems.  I started to understand that the poet isn't always the speaker of the poem, but rather, poets can experiment with the techniques of fiction writing. I'd have to say that reading, and being

exposed to many ideas outside of my own comfort zone, taught me the importance of innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking in poetry.  It's fine to write from one's lived experience, but one shouldn't be afraid to take liberties with both form and content when writing from autobiography. 


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