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t&u& lash your nipples to a post history is gorgeous by Jared Schickling reviewed


Jared Schickling’s latest book is reviewed at Shawn Kemp Carwash:



And here is a link to Jared’s essay on Kent Johnson's O'Hara book
Satire Toward Love: On the Possible Poetics of Kent Johnson’s A Question Mark Above the Sun: Documents on the Mystery Surrounding a Famous Poem “by” Frank O’Hara


Read it here: http://wordforword.info/vol19/?p=497

Jared Schickling activities:

: eccolinguistics <http://eccolinguistics.blogspot.com/> :
: delete press <http://deletepress.org/> :
: reconfigurations <http://reconfigurations.blogspot.com/> :



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