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Susan Lewis interviewed in The Review Review

 Sophisticated Contemporary: a Chat With Susan Lewis, Editor of New Online Magazine Posit 

Interview with Susan Lewis—Editor of Posit

Celebrating their third issue and working hard on their fourth coming out in November, 2014, Posit is a journal soliciting accomplished pieces that have an immediate and direct impact on the reader. Posit publishes poetry, very short fiction, and visual arts, and takes in submissions through Submittable. 

Interview by Martin van Velsen

Posit is a journal very much in between established genres/formats and cutting edge or perhaps thought-provoking. First of all does this characterize the journal accurately and if so how did this come about?

Yes, very much so. We are all about publishing work we can’t NOT publish – work that commands our attention and continues to reward it with layers of implication, innovation, and artistry. It’s worth pointing out, though, that subtlety can also take our breath away. We’re not all about shock value. Posit’s goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing showcase for carefully curated, highly innovative work that is not circumscribed by affiliation with any particular poetic movement or aesthetic clique.

For any journal featuring pieces that are perhaps a bit hard hitting, thought provoking or perhaps even shocking is always a risk. How has this worked out for the journal so far? 

Well, so far we feel rewarded rather than punished for taking those particular risks! We’re thrilled and grateful for the response we’ve gotten to our first three issues – as gauged by reader responses, of course, but also by the number, quality, and style of the submissions we’re getting. As a result, our next two issues (Posit 4 and 5) are already closed, and we’re on the way to filling issue 6!

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Preview Susan's forthcoming book, This Visit, here 

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Susan Lewis interviewed in Words in Place


Interview with Susan Lewis: Is it Poetry, Prose Poem, or Flash?

Susan Lewis lives in New York City and edits Posit. She is the author of How to be Another (Červená Barva Press, 2014), State of the Union(Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2014), The Following Message (White Knuckle Press, 2013), At Times Your Lines(Argotist Ebooks, 2012), Some Assembly Required (Dancing Girl Press, 2011), Commodity Fetishism, winner of the 2009 Červená Barva Press Chapbook Award, and Animal Husbandry (Finishing Line Press, 2008).
Gay Degani: I've read many of your poems – especially your prose poems – but before we get started with discussing that subject, I thought my first question should be more about you, for me and the readers to get to know you. Can you tell me a little more about what brought you to writing? I noticed from your extended biography that you went to law school. Being a lawyer means lots and lots of writing, did that play any part in your decision to turn to writing?

Susan Lewis: It’s true that law involves plenty of writing – and reading. That was probably why I thought I might be better suited to the field than I was! I’d been a bookworm since I was tiny: a bit sickly, I was always reading. I was also taken all over the world (school be damned!) by my parents, who were globe-trotting Hollywood producers – and spent a lot of time in planes, trains, cars, and hotel rooms – reading. 

By the time I was a teenager I had powered through the canon. As for writing, when I was six or seven, I fell in love with a slim volume of poems by Basho, and started writing Haiku, Tanka, etc. I kept writing poetry, plays, and short stories until I went to college, where I studied – and therefore wrote – literature and film criticism. After which I wanted to be “relevant” and “engaged” in social justice – hence my foray into law. The fact is law taught me plenty about discipline and accuracy. But it was not a great fit. I’m no warrior – I’ve always loathed competition. And intellectually, I’m more intuitive than methodical, preferring insight to argumentation, implication to explication.
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Preview Susan's forthcoming book, This Visit here 
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