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BlazeVOX11 Spring 2011


Welcome to Spring! Or so it says in the calendar, but it is storming violently outside now. Eliot comes to mind, as it was sunny and beautiful last week and now the aluminum porch rooftop is drumming with sleet, hail, rain and thundering snowfall. It’s really ghastly out there, but if this is what nature needs to make it into Spring, to grow new greeneries, then rain on! There is nothing one can do about weather other than stay inside and wait until the sun shines. Spring can be as terrifying as dark dreary winter; there are swirling tornadoes, tsunamis and new Chernobyl’s; more war, more money for gasoline and more wild ideas. And yet we writers persist, we keep on working our poetry and our stories and continue to read our poems and it is all rather exciting. There is a lot of work out there for poetry and in this issue we present a glimmering sliver of that shining potential. In this great new issue we have fifty-five poets and eleven prose pieces. Also we have two new ebooks and our running series, buffaloFOCUS features Shinwell Johnson. 

A whole new look for the elevenzies 

If you have not noticed, then let me tell you about the whole new outlook for BlazeVOX. Just about everything has changed since our last issue. We have a new physical location, a new logo for the press, a whole new website, a new blog and a new store. To begin with, we moved from our old home about a mile down the road, a bit closer to downtown Buffalo, New York, than we previously did. It is a lovely location, wonderful being able to walk to poetry events and poets homes as we now live closer to them and the scene, as it were. It is great fun, spacious place and most important, I have an office in our new apartment. So hurray for that! Here is the new addy, so please update your iPads accordingly.

Geoffrey Gatza
BlazeVOX [books]
76 Inwood Place
Buffalo, NY 14209

Our new site is just extraordinary! Do have a look around and please visit our new store! We have all of our books on display in an easy to use format. We now have a direct connection to a Look Inside feature for all, well most, of our books. You can now buy books directly from us! This is a great new way for us to directly share our fine books with you, our dear audience! Hurray! We have a New Release section that will tell you all about our new books so you can stay up to date with all of the great books we have to offer. And in our art gallery we have an offering of podcasts and a display of 100 of our coolest covers. We will be revolving our galleries so do keep an eye on this section!  

Our new logo is plastered all over the site so you probably won’t miss it :-) We have just honed in our look to keep up with the fashions of our new decade. Look forward to new features at BlazeVOX blog. We’ll be featuring poems from our books on a regular basis as well as updates on BlazeVOX books being reviewed and current author news. And we’ll be featuring new ebooks this year! We have two new offering in this issue from a book of three stories by Chuck Richardson and poetry matched with art by Felino A. Soriano & Constance Stadler! So what more can you ask for, it’s all free and without commercials! Plus we receive no funding from any government or agency! So please enjoy! And should you feel so moved as to donate to BlazeVOX by all means do so!

Hurray and Happy Spring!

Rockets, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Gatza 
Acting Editor


Blazevox 11 Spring 2011

Table of Contents


Mary Kasimor
Adam Fieled
Adam Katz
Michael Fix
Andrea Scott
Jared Demick
Thomas Fink
Simon Perchik
Afton Wilky
Andrew Haley
Atom Ariola
Anna Lena Phillips
Bryan Koen
Timothy Wojcik
Tyler King
Charles Freeland
Christina N. Howard
Carlos Lara
Daniel Y. Harris
Dan Owen
Craig Rebele
Chris Siteman
Eric Hoffman
Mark Cunningham
Kyle Vaughn
Kate Robinson
Jeanne Shannon
Joseph Cooper
James Schiller
Gloria Wimberley
James Valvis
James Peter Walker
Satu Kaikkonen and Jeff Crouch
Mark McManus
Michael Harrell
Mary-Jane Newton
Ognjen Smiljanic
Orville Babcock
Phyllis Mass
Rachael Stanford
Raymond Farr
Ricky Garni
R L Raymond
Rob Nadolski
Bob Whiteside
Ryan Weberling
Ryder Collins
Sarah Mangold
Seth McKelvey
Stephen Nelson
Steven St.Thomas
Clarice Waldman
Kristie Kachler
Stephen Baraban


Another Summer of Poverty 1966
Martha King

Jada on the charge
Tim Frank

The Good Samaritan
Peter Hayes

Reuben Merringer

Matthew Di Paoli

Cereus Things
Amanda Bramley

An Extroverted Suicide
Brian Quat

Josepha Gutelius

Lee Matthew Goldberg

Kid Cyclone & The Birdman of Avalon
Chris McCreary




Dreamlands by Chuck Richardson

Poetic Imprints: Responses to the Art of Duane Locke
By Felino A. Soriano & Constance Stadler
(Poetry and Art)

buffaloFOCUS | Shinwell Johnson

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