John Ashbery 2006


Some Food: A Feast for John Ashbery

How contumely clear away the falling autumn leaves, winter is on the way! God Damn! What is it that I can do for you? Sincerely, what tribute can I make for, him, the The poet of our time. Pointedly, what would you do? I mean really what would you do? Ask over some friends, have some tannic wine and savagely cubed cheese. Have some oaf spill wine all over his shirt while his friend chats up the crowds. An inspired tribute indeed. Would you then maybe place his name on a library wall or against an elegant stack of columns in a green square in the park or ordain in his honor the local penitentiary’s infirmary? How indeed? If it were up to me, I would make this fancy meal, the best, most innovative of events for twelve hundred poets! Ask all to raise in toast, one glass of sparkling roses. Inhaling, saying nothing, drinking in the shooting stars of imagined evenings someplace else, we,
all alone among all of our friends. 
It would be this silence
that would be the ultimate
honorarium to you,
my dearest,
Geoffrey Gatza

Thanksgiving Dinner 2006 Some Food: A Feast for John Ashbery

Thanksgiving Menu


Veuve Clicquot Rosé Reserve Champagne 1995


Une Déclinaison: Caviar, Foie gras ‘torchon’, Truffes

French farm-raised ossetra caviar with roasted cauliflower emulsion, Hudson Valley foie gras ‘mi-cuit’ in sauternes with house brioche, and liquid black truffle



rich double duck consommé with brunoise of celery root, crimini, sweet carrot and English pea, and truffle quenelles

Coeur de Palmier

fresh Hawaiian heart of palm, curly endive, grapes poached in vanilla, blue potatoes, periwinkles and mango dressing


Peking Roasted Free-Range Turkey With Sage Pumpkinseed Dressing

local red and gold roasted beets, cabbage confit, sweet-potato dauphinois, savoury blanc manger and “risotto” of cauliflower, sauce parfumé à l’estragon


La bûche de Noël et Armagnac

A log-shaped cake made of chocolate and chestnuts clouds with Cortland apple ice cream. Representative of the special wood log burned from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day in the Périgord, which is a holdover from a pagan Gaul celebration. Armagnac is a distilled grape brandy produced in Gascony, just southeast of Bordeaux, France.